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Version 2.3

Solve the problem of ripping videos from youtube.com.

Version 2.2

Improved on ripping streaming of rtmp and rtmpt protocols.

Version 2.1

Fixed a network adapter problem.

Version 2.0

  • Rewrite Flv Ripper, add the download mode, now you can stop the monitor when the streaming video links are found.
  • Rip mms and rtsp stream
  • Rip windows, real media stream
  • support multi-languages

Version 1.81

fixed some bugs.

Version 1.8

Improve on ripping rtmp stream

Version 1.71

fixed some bugs for ripping http stream video and audio

Version 1.7

fixed some bugs for ripping rtmp stream video and audio

Version 1.6

Improved: rip mp4 video files from some sites.

Version 1.5

fixed some bugs, rip more videos

Version 1.4

fixed some bugs

Version 1.3

Improve on processing the ripped data

Version 1.2

Fixed some bugs

Version 1.1

add feature which rip rtmp streaming



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