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Download and try our fully-functional trial software for 30 days.You can download the application in its entirety and try it before you buy it.

During this evaluation period, the software has full functional.

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Flv Ripper
Flv Ripper (old version)

Flv Ripper(2.0 or higher version) support multi-languages.

Email us your translation! If we choose yours, you'll get the Flv Ripper for free.

How to do it:

  • Open the file "eng.ini" in "C:\Program Files\Flv Ripper\Language" folder.
  • Save as "eng.ini" to "your-language.ini"
  • Then you can start to translate. Just type the correctly translated words after the "=". Please note to type only in single lines even if it's long, "return" and "enter" will cause problems.
  • Save the file. Now it's done! Restart Flv Ripper and you can start testing.
  • Send us the new translation made by yourself to get the opportunity to win a FREE Flv Ripper!

Please send any translations and questions regarding language files to: webmaster@flvripper.com.



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